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- Cookies and Story Time is Every Monday at 10:30am (Ideal for all children)

     Reading to your baby bean encourages speech and language development - it's a great way to interact and communicate with fellow baby beans! Each week Cookies and Story Time features one to two short toddler stories and a small cup of four to five all natural animal crackers for your baby bean to enjoy. While we understand the importance of reading aloud, we also understand that getting your baby bean to sit for that story is sometimes impossible! As our stories are read from the stage at the center of our playroom, rest assured that even the baby beans still enjoying the slide ARE listening and learning!  
- Arts and Crafts days are featured every other Tuesday - check out our Calendar! (Ideal for children 2+ yrs of age)

     Arts and Crafts projects vary weekly and may require some parental assistance, depending on your baby bean’s skill level. Projects often focus on fine motor and social skills through cutting, pasting and working together to create the desired finished product!


- Tegu Block Play is Every Thursday! (Ideal for children 2+ yrs of age)

        Tegu Thursdays are perfect for feeding the imagination and creativity of your future architect! We make available our wooden, magnetic blocks and encourage your baby bean to explore the world of creative building. For more information about Tegu blocks, visit the company’s website directly at


- Finger Painting is every Friday at 11 am (Ideal for children 9m - 6yrs of age)

     Our washable finger paint is non-toxic and designed for little hands. This activity is "free-style," allowing even the tiniest of baby beans to dive into the imaginary world of painting! We also include a wide variety of paint brush styles for our older beans who would like to create a more structured art piece.